Meet Us

Zooey Sophia Pook – Director

Zooey Sophia Pook is a Transgender and Lebanese-American scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of politics, culture, and autonomy. She directs the LGBT+ Programs at NMSU and also serves as an instructor in the English Department. Zooey Sophia has worked to create the Preferred Name policy, as well as gender inclusive housing options, for which NMSU has received national attention. She holds Master’s Degrees in Philosophy and Communication, and a PhD in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. She has been invited to give numerous talks and workshops in the US and abroad for high schools, universities, and community organizations . She is noted for her Heteronormative Privilege series on Youtube and has presented research at conferences such as Feminisms and Rhetorics, Gender Infinity, and Creating Change. She can be reached directly at or through LGBT+ Programs at 575-646-7031.

Sam Salas- Senior Office Assistant

Sam Salas is a Sophomore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is an IEEE officer on the E-Council.  She likes basketball, great fight scenes, and beating Zooey Sophia at chess.

Leslie Ledezma- Junior Office Assistant

Leslie Ledezma is a Freshman studying Civil Engineering and is from New Mexico. She likes to enjoy every moment, learn from every experience, and make an impact on the people she meets.

Rachel Beal – Student Aide

Rachel Beal is a Freshman studying Mechanical Engineering and is from Utah. She enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and in her free time bikes and tries to avoid the sweltering, unforgiving heat of Las Cruces. She is excited to help within the community

Nadia Montoya- Student Aide

 Nadia Montoya is a small Junior majoring in psychology and hoping to attend medical school to continue as a psychiatrist. She enjoys being involved in the community as well as writing and cooking. Known as Turtle around the office.

Reyann Sias – Student Aide

Reyann Sias is a sophomore majoring in Animal Science, and plans on attending veterinary school after completing her bachelor’s degree at NMSU. She enjoys music, art, and helping out within the community.