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Meet Our Staff


Zooey Sophia Pook – Coordinator

Zooey Sophia Pook is a scholar of identity and language and a public speaker. Her research examines the way gender and sexuality are constructed by culture, but also the ways certain positions of identity might serve to challenge traditional notions of being. Before coming to NMSU, she taught full time in a variety of disciplines in colleges and universities in Michigan and Ohio, also working with various LGBTQI groups, women’s groups, and civil rights organizations to strive for equity and justice. She is very proud to be Coordinator of NMSU’S LGBT+ Programs and the work that the university is doing to promote diversity and culture around campus. She is happy to serve the students, faculty, and staff as we strive for the equity of all at New Mexico State.


Gary Diaz- Senior Office Aide

Gary Diaz was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is currently majoring in Secondary Education and his content area is Literature. He hopes to one day be a high school English teacher. He has always known that he wanted to work with children of all types and English has always been a passion of his. Eventually, he would like to get another degree so he can also do Art Therapy. More than anything, he wants to help mold the leaders of tomorrow.

LGBT+ Programs, to him, is a home away from home. He has never been to any other place on campus were he felt the level of comfort that he feels here. The people who come in here are not just friends or classmates, they’re like a second family to him. Everyone is really connected and there’s always someone who will listen to you if you need it. They also have plenty of resources for everyone and if we don’t have them, they can find them. He very excited to be a part of LGBT+ Programs and he hopes that more people can come and join our family.


Courtney Templeton- Office Assistant

Courtney Templeton is a sophomore at New Mexico State University is majoring in psychology. She is originally from Farmington, New Mexico. She is happy to assist you as an office aide in LGBT+ Programs.



Felix Ross- Tabling and Promotion

Felix Ross is an freshman at NMSU, majoring in Animation. He is from El Paso, Texas and you can catch him tabling every week for LGBT+ Programs.



Evan Apollo Evans- Office Assistant

Evan Apollo Evans hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a first year student majoring in Horticulture. He is happy to assist you as an office aide in LGBT+ Programs.