Gender-Neutral Restrooms List

NMSU has a policy that all new buildings must have one gender neutral restroom.

So far our list includes the following buildings:

  1. Activity Center: (x2) 1st floor, South
  2. American Indian Student Center: Main Admin Building 1st floor, East
  3. Alumni Visitors Center: (x2) Museum, East
  4. Arrowhead: Teacher’s Lounge
  5. Biology Annex: (x2) West
  6. Breland: (x2) CJ wing, 1st floor, Northeast
  7. Center for the Arts: (x2) 1st floor/2nd floor, Northwest
  8. Corbett Center Student Union: (x2) 1st floor, East
  9. Garcia Center: 1st floor, South
  10. Garcia Hall: Garcia West, 1st floor
  11. Genesis Center: (x2) south
  12. Hardman and Jacobs: 1st floor, North; 2nd floor, South
  13. Jet Hall: (x2) 2nd floor Chem Entrance, South; 1st floor, West
  14. Milton Hall: Patio, North
  15. Pete Dominichi Hall: Lower Level Floor, North
  16. Student Health Center: (x2), South
  17. Zuhl Library: 1st floor, East